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To affiliate managers or affiliate network

(Updated: Aug 2012)

To whom it may concern,

This is Terry, an experienced internet marketer and "inexperienced" entrepreneur in Hong Kong.
My team is doing affiliate marketing for more than 6 years. We are mainly using PPC (Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter & Yahoo Search Marketing etc) to promote products from many merchants with some top affiliate networks in the US.
I am very good at promoting website on display network (previously content network) with Google Adwords.
After optimizing a merchant with good conversion rate and choosing good ad spaces on the content network to put my ads (both text ads and image ads), I have the potential to bring thousands of, ten thousands of or even hundrends of thousands of traffic per day, bring thousands of valid and real leads per day, bring hundreds of sales per day.
Now the main affiliate network I am working with are CJ, Linkshare, Clickbank.
With Linkshare, the top merchants I promoted paid me near USD $20,000 every month (one merchant!!!) .
With CJ, my network earning rank is 5 bar, which means "95 Percentile And Above".
I would like to expand my work to more merchants and more affiliate networks.
If there's anything more you would like to know, please feel free to comment here and leave your email, I will reply you as soon as possible.

Best Wishes,